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Bagging System for Mineral Powders, Mortar Mixes, or Food Products

The CBE Model 730 Pressure Flow Air Valve Bagging Machine is used for bagging mineral powders, mortar mixes, or food products into valve bags with internal spouts.  Types of powders can include cement powder, specialty chemical powders, bentonite, barite, sodium bicarbonate, limestone powder, and mortar mixes.  This bagging machine can also be used for food products like flour and cake mixes.

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Bagging System: Mineral Powders, Mortar Mixes or Food Products

The operator, or automated bag placer, spouts the valve bag onto the machine.  Then, compressed air forces the powder material from a hopper above the bagging machine into the bag.  When the valve bag is filled to a set weight, it drops away onto a take away conveyor.

In the video, the bags are automatically turned using a 90 degree transfer conveyor.  Then, the bags move through a bag flattener conveyor to make them more uniform in size and easier to palletize.  The bags move to a station, where a palletizing robot removes the bag from the roller conveyor and places it onto a wooden pallet.  Then, the filled pallet is conveyed to an automatic pallet wrapping machine.  Wrapped and filled pallets are conveyed to an accumulation station, where a fork lift truck moves them for warehouse storage and or immediate shipping.

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