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Box Filling Machine for Chopped Metal Fibers

Filling Boxes with Chopped Metal Fibers

This box filling machine fills empty boxes with chopped metal fibers by weight.  The metal fibers are added to concrete to increase its strength.

Metal fibers are conveyed to a surge hopper and then to a small vibratory feeder. When an empty box is placed on the scale by an operator, the machine starts. The vibratory feeder, operating at full flow, conveys the metal fibers into the empty box. During filling, the vibrating table under the box is activated to densify the fibers inside the box. When the box is 90% full, the vibratory feeder slows to a “dribble rate” and stops when the box reaches the target set weight. The vibrating table stops and the filled box is conveyed to a palletizing station.

All controls are pre-wired and pre-piped. The client brings the power and compressed air to the control enclosure. The controller uses a digital scale for weighing and PLC controls for all other functions, including activation of the vibrating table. The controller also allows for adjustment of the filled box weight, flow rates, and densifier timing.

box-filling-system-metal-fibers-on-feeder box-filling-system-vibratory-table

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