Semi-Auto Box Filling System for Chopped Metal Fibers

Semi-auto box filling system fills empty boxes with chopped metal fibers by weight.  These metal fibers are added to concrete to increase strength.

Metal fibers for filling the boxes are delivered via belt conveyor to a surge hopper and vibratory feeder. When empty box is placed on the filling scale by operator, the system is started. The vibratory feeder, operating at full flow, conveys the metal fibers into the empty box. During box filling, the vibratory densifier (grid deck vibrating table over rollers) is activated to densify the material in the box. When box is 90% filled, the vibratory feeder slows to a “dribble rate” and stops when the box reaches target weight. Densifier stops and filled box is conveyed to a packaging station.

All controls are prewired and pre-piped. Client brings power and compressed air to the control enclosure. Controller uses digital scale for weighing and PLC to control all other functions including activation of the densifier. Controller allows for adjustment of filled box weight, full flow and dribble flow rates, and densifier timing.

box-filling-system-metal-fibers-on-feeder box-filling-system-vibratory-table


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