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Magnet Separates Rebar from Recycled Concrete

Removing Rebar from Crushed Concrete Using a Magnet

A self-cleaning, suspended overhead magnet was used to separate rebar from crushed concrete inside a concrete recycling system.

The crushed concrete had a 6 inch maximum lump size.  The conveyor belt was 54 inches wide and was traveling at 260 to 300 feet per minute.  There was a 12 inch product depth.  The rebar measured 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch in diameter and could be up to 10 feet long.

The oil cooled, self-cleaning suspended electromagnet measured 72 inches square and the overall length was 24 feet and 2 inches.  The magnet had an extra heavy duty vulcanized 3/4″ thick self-cleaning belt.  Stainless steel cleats were added to the belt to prevent rebar from rolling back into the magnet field.  Special stainless steel belt guards were used on the side of the magnet to prevent metal retention.  There were also two permanent plate magnet extensions to carry rebar away from the processed or recycled concrete.

Rebar removed by the magnet was discharged at a safe distance from the cleaned concrete.

Concrete Recycling Removing Rebar Magnet Used to Remove Rebar from Concrete Processing Stream

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