Bulk Bag Unloading to Valve Bag Filling Machine

bulk bag filling to valve bag filling

This Bulk Bag Unloading system unloads bulk bags containing fine powders and conveys them to a Valve Bag Filling Machine for packaging and stacking.

A filled bulk bag is placed in surge hopper.  Operator unties bag allowing material to discharge into surge hopper.  Next, a screw conveyor conveys powdered material to surge hopper located above the valve bag filling machine located in adjacent room.  Filled valve bags are then conveyed through the bag flattener for easier stacking onto a pallet loading conveyor.

This valve bag filling machine is an impeller packer designed to fill valve bags with fine powders.    There is a level control in surge hopper above bag filling machine that controls the operation of the screw conveyor.  All controls come pre-wired and pre-piped.

This system includes a free standing reverse pulse bag type dust collector with blower designed to collect dust from bulk bag unloading hopper and the valve bag filling machine.  Dust from dust collector is discharged into a 55 gallon drum.

bulk bag unloading with dust collection surge hopper with dust collector valve bag filling system with conveyor and bag flattener

valve bag filling impeller packer for powdersLearn more about bagging equipment or valve bag filling machines.

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