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Down Packing Fine Powder Products from Bulk Bags to Valve Bags

bulk bag filling to valve bag filling

This system unloads and transfers fine powder from a bulk bag and conveys it to a valve bagging machine for down packing, or repackaging

Down Packing Process

First, a bulk bag containing a fine powder product is placed in the surge hopper.  An operator unties the bulk bag to dispense the powder into a surge hopper.  Next, a screw conveyor conveys the powder to a surge hopper located above the valve bagging machine located in an adjacent room.  There is a level control in the surge hopper located above valve bagging machine that controls the operation of the screw conveyor. The valve bags are filled and densified.  Then, they are conveyed through a bag flattener conveyor and then to a bag palletizing station.

This system also includes a free standing reverse pulse bag type dust collector with a blower designed to collect dust from the bulk bag unloading hopper and the valve bagging machine.  Collected dust is discharged into a 55 gallon drum.  All controls came pre-wired and pre-piped for quick installation.

bulk bag unloading with dust collection surge hopper with dust collector valve bag filling system with conveyor and bag flattener

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