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Robotic Valve Bag Placer

Valve Bag Placer

A robotic valve bag placer automatically picks up a bag and places it onto the spout of a valve bag filling machine.  One robotic arm can place around 12 bags per minute depending on the fill rate of the machine and system.

A robotic valve bag placer is designed to automatically place or hang both paper and plastic block bottom valve bags onto the spout of a valve bag filling machine.  It can operate in sterile / clean food grade environments, as well as in hazardous duty environments that require explosion proof machines.

Valve bags enter the filling system via a bag indexing conveyor that “hands” an empty valve bag to the robot arm.  Each bag is pre-opened and tested before the robot placing arm secures the bag and delivers it to the bag filling spout.

Filled bags are automatically discharged onto an integrated wire mesh conveyor before they are conveyed to a robotic bag palletizer.

Watch a Video Demonstration of a Robotic Valve Bag Placer

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