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Accurate dosing of seasonings into a tumbling drum, easy cleaning, reliability

seasoning dispenser for tumble drum

Feeder used to dispense seasonings into a tumbling drum

Food production facilities use vibrating feeders (a.k.a. vibratory pan feeders -or- scarf feeders) for dispensing seasonings and spices directly onto the surface of food products as they tumble in a drum.  This process is referred to as enrobing. The feeder can also meter seasonings precisely into a blended seasoning batch, or as an application of toppings and coatings in downstream processing equipment.

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Electrostatic seasoning systems evenly coat food and pharmaceutical products with seasonings and flavorings. Apply 15-45% less powders, flavors, coatings, vitamins, spices, and oils to a wide range of products. Design and implement a complete system that is manufactured to food-grade industry standards.

Seasoning Cashews and Other Nuts Using an Electrostatic Coating System
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Dramatic Reduction in Seasoning and Powder Usage!

Electrostatic Seasoning vs. Other Powder Technologies:

Electrostatics vs Other Seasoning Technologies

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The high-speed robotic bag palletizer shown in the video below stacks 50 x 50 lb. bags of sugar on shipping pallets.

High-Speed Robotic Palletizer Stacks 50 lb. Bags Filled with Sugar
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50 lb. open mouth paper bags are filled in a packaging area.  From there, they are transported through a protected opening in a wall, to a decline bag transfer conveyor, and then to a powered 90 degree turning conveyor under a bag flattener that removes some of the air from each bag.

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Choose from different types of seed bagging equipment to package seeds and grains into small snack bags, pouches, 50 lb. bags, and all the way up to 4,400 pound bulk bags.  All machines have an accuracy of +/- 0.5-1% of target weight and can operate at different fill rates.

seed bagging equipment

Fill bags with many different types of seeds and agricultural products such as soybean seeds

This type of equipment fills bags with many different types of agricultural products such as seeds and grains.  This includes sunflower seeds, grass seeds, wheat seeds, corn seed, soybean seeds, barley, oats, rice, bird seed, alfalfa, rye, canola, and more.

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Open Mouth BaggerThere are many different types of bagging machines using custom configurations to package many types of products.  These products can range from agricultural products like corn, feed, and seed to chemical and industrial powders like graphite, gypsum, and barite.

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The types of bagging machines are:

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A snack food producer needed to increase production on one of its bagging lines for breading mix. The existing equipment was centrally located within their process, which made any upgrades or integrations challenging.  The customer’s project requirements included a bag sealing machine that uses an ultrasonic sealer to hermetically seal valve bags.  This way, the bags would be dust tight before dropping onto a conveyor below.

bag sealing machine uses ultrasonic sealer for breading mix

Ultrasonic Bag Sealer

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Learn more about industrial dust suppression systems and dust control methods for use during the processing and handling of dry bulk solids at indoor facilities or outdoor plants.

dust suppression for truck loading

Dust suppression and curtain systems used during loading of trucks with dry powder to be transported to a landfill for disposal

What is industrial dust suppression and what are some dust suppression methods?

Dust suppression systems are used to prevent, control, and greatly reduce the amount of fugitive dust particles (usually smaller than 10 microns) released during the processing and handling of dry bulk solids.  This is generally done by wetting or spraying the ultra-fine dust particles with water, or by mixing water with a dust control chemical like magnesium chloride.  The spray clings to the dust particles and causes them to drop or fall out of the air.

This is different from dust collection methods that use vacuums, baghouses, fabric filters, wet scrubbers, electrostatic precipitators, and dust collectors.

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Commercial producers seasoning tortilla chips and potato chips can benefit greatly from the use of electrostatics to evenly apply dry spices, powders, seasonings, and oils. This type of seasoning system provides up to 98% coating efficiency of all chip products, while using 15-45% less dry powder seasonings. It also dramatically reduces the amount of airborne dust and seasoning, which results in a much cleaner working area, cleaner seasoning drum, and less line contamination.

seasoning tortilla chips using electrostatics

Seasoning tortilla chips and potato chips tumbling in rotating drum

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coffee bag sealers used for packaging roasted coffeeChoose from a couple of different coffee bag sealers that vacuum seal and flush coffee bags and pouches with nitrogen or CO2 to extend the shelf life and freshness of whole coffee beans and ground coffee.

Why is it important to vacuum seal coffee bags and flush them with nitrogen?

Vacuum sealing and flushing a bag with a gas like nitrogen removes most of the oxygen, making it difficult for aerobic bacteria to grow.  Many large grocery stores, retail coffee shops, or online retailers like Amazon, require that coffee producers use VGF/MAP for their packaging for resale.  VGF stand for Vacuum Gas Flush and MAP stands for Modified Atmosphere Packaging.

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bagging coffee with the logical machines s4The Logical Machines S4 is a great entry-level machine for bagging coffee.  It is the perfect cure for business owners and coffee roasters that are tired of manually scooping and weighing coffee into bags and pouches ranging in weight from a couple of ounces up to 10 pounds.  Logical Machines has a proven track record and has been manufacturing American made, high quality bulk weighing and bagging machines since 1994.

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