processing construction and demolition debris and material after a hurricane or flood like harvey

After the flood waters recede from a large storm like Hurricane Harvey, there will be many buildings and homes that will need to be repaired or completely demolished due to flood and wind damage.  The resulting construction and demolition debris and material can be processed to separate and recover materials such as OCC, wood, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, rock / cement, dirt / ADC, plastics.  Using an automated C&D Waste Recycling Plant can greatly decrease the manual labor necessary to sort through many thousands of tons of debris and waste.

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air powered vibrating tables settle sludge solids in 55 gallon drumsAir-powered stainless steel vibrating tables are used to settle solids in sludge stored in 55 gallon steel drums.  The customer wanted to remove excess moisture from the solids.  Upon vibrating the drum, solids move to the bottom of the drum and the moisture is separated to the top of the drum where it can be removed before the lid is secured.

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shredded ground up wood shipping pallets conveyor belt

Wooden shipping pallets are shredded or ground up and are conveyed to a storage pile using a belt conveyor.  An overhead self-cleaning magnet can be used over the belt conveyor to remove tramp metal, staples and nails before the material is fed onto the pile.  The magnet can be designed to fit conveyor belt width and speed.

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The CBE Model 730 Pressure Flow Air Valve Bag Filling Machine is used for bagging mineral powders, mortar mixes and food products into valve bags with internal spouts.  Types of powders can include cement powder, specialty chemical powders, bentonite, barite, sodium bicarbonate, limestone powder and mortar mixes.  This bagging machine can also be used for food products.

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The operator, or robot, places the valve bag onto the filling spout.  Then, compressed air forces the powder material from a hopper above the bagging machine into the bag.  When the valve bag is filled to a desired weight, it drops away onto a take away conveyor.

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OCC-Recycling-at-Commercial-Waste-Recycling-SystemA commercial waste recycling system was designed to improve the recovery rate of OCC (Old Corrugated Cardboard) at a transfer station. The transfer station operator was recovering OCC cardboard from the tipping floor from mixed loads of commercial waste accounts. Recovery of the OCC was a slow and dangerous process with sorters on the tipping floor.

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Video demonstration shows machine bagging coarse solar salt into plastic open mouth bags with full flow and then a dribble.

The plastic, open mouth bag is clamped onto the outlet spout of the machine.  When the start button is pressed, the coarse solar salt is conveyed into the bag at full flow.  When the contents of the bag get close to the target fill weight, the auger and conveyor slow down the flow to a dribble.  When the target weight has been reached, the bag clamp is released and the plastic open mouth bag is ready for sealing.

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Curved or circular vibrating conveyors can be used to meter, sort or align material.  Material is fed to the conveyor in bulk or by an existing conveyor. The material exiting the conveyor will be in a single or double line for the next stage in the process.

In the picture shown below, the conveyor lines up 18 inch by 12 inch, 35 pound metal plates into a single file line to convey under a camera for inspection.

curved or circular vibrating conveyor to line up metal tie plates

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This type of Vibrating Conveyor has a large pan and trough and is used to convey heavy, abrasive and very hot materials for bulk processing systems.

They are also used to convey solids for a wide array of applications, including aggregates, minerals, rebar, sand, coal, ash, ore, castings, molds, pharmaceuticals and food products. Standard sizing options are available, as well as, custom-engineered products tailored to fit specific customer requirements. Vibrating conveyors also allow additional processes such as cooling, heating, sorting or coating to be accomplished while transferring materials.  Curved conveyors can be added to an existing conveyor system. Conveyor speed can be adjusted to match in-feed and exit conveyor convening rate.

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Watch a video and to learn How to Remove a Conveying Auger from a Valve Bag Filling Machine Machine.

how to remove auger on auger bag filler machine

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The Robotic Bag Palletizer can place valve bags and open mouth bags at a rate up to 30 bags per minute and is capable of placing pallets and slip sheets on pallets.  It is ideal for handling multiple product lines at the same time.  It can be designed around your plant layout with our standard bag filling line components.

Robotic Bag Palletizer

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