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Alfalfa Pellets Bagging Machines and Systems for 20-110 LB. Bags

Alfalfa Pellets Bagging Machines and Systems for 20-110 LB Bags

Alfalfa Pellets

These alfalfa pellets bagging machines and systems are used to efficiently fill 20-110 lb. paper or plastic open mouth bags with a variety of alfalfa pellets and cubes.  Buy just a bagging machine or an entire bagging system that includes a free-standing hopper, bagging scale, conveyors, bag closers, palletizers, and more. These systems are designed to fill 20-110 lb. paper or plastic open mouth bags with alfalfa pellets, with the most popular bag size being 50 lbs.

Need automated equipment for faster bagging speeds and palletizing?

We also provided custom engineered solutions to fit automated packaging systems into new and existing bagging operations and feed mills.

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Bagging Livestock Minerals & Supplements into 25, 40, 50 Lb Bags

Alfalfa Pellets Bagging Machines & Systems

Alfalfa pellets and cubes are a type of animal feed made from the alfalfa plant, which is known for its high protein, fiber, vitamin, and mineral content. They are commonly used in the diets of various animals, including horses, rabbits, goats, cattle, and chickens, due to their nutritional benefits. We offer a range of alfalfa pellet bagging systems to suit different needs and capacities.

Entry-Level Alfalfa Pellet Bagging
(Fill 4-6 bags per minute)

manual bag filling machine and system for corn grains and feed
This type of system is designed for bagging different types of free-flowing alfalfa pellets. It includes a manual mechanical or digital gross weigh bagging scale, a bag sewing machine, and a bagger supply hopper and scale support frame, available in 25, 37, 70, or 87 cubic foot sizes. Alternatively, the hopper can be replaced with a pro box stand or a bulk bag unloader, depending on your needs. If the alfalfa contains molasses, a belt feeder might be required. The system can be upgraded in the future with a higher-speed bag sewing system, bag palletizing robot, and stretch wrapper.

Semi-Automatic Alfalfa Pellet Bagging
(Fill 10-12 bags per minute)

Automated Feed Bagging System - 50lb. bags Alfalfa Pellets

This type of system includes a hopper, automatic bag placer, high-speed net weigh bagging scale, bag handling conveyors, and a high-speed bag sewing system. This system can also be enhanced with a robotic palletizing system for increased automation and efficiency.

Fully Automatic Alfalfa Pellet Bagging System
(15-18+ bags per minute)

bag palletizing robot picks up and palletizes 50lb bags of creep cattle feed 002

This system is the most advanced and highest speed system. It includes a hopper, an automatic bag placer, a high-speed net weigh bagging scale, an automated bag closing system, bag handling conveyors, and a bag palletizing robot with an automated pallet dispensing system and stretch wrapper. This fully automated system requires minimal manual intervention, with only one operator needed to refill the bag placer’s magazine and to remove the completed pallets using a fork truck lift.

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