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Automatic Bag Placer Machine for Feed and Grain Bagging System

robotic bag placer hanging bag on spout of bag fillerThe automatic bag placer machine picks up and spouts an empty open mouth bag onto a high-speed bagger before 50 lbs. of feed or grain is discharged into the bag.  The bag placer is designed to work with most kraft paper bags and some plastic bags.

automatic bag placer machine for feed and grain bagging system

View of bag placer opening mouth of bag before spouting

How does a bag placer work?

view of bag placer picking up empty open mouth paper bag

View of bag indexing magazine

Empty open mouth bags are stacked onto an indexing magazine.  The automatic bag placer machine picks up an empty bag using vacuum suction cups.  The machine then pulls down on the under side of the bag and opens the mouth.  Then, 2 arms spread open the bag and lift it, or hang it, onto the spout of the bag filler.  Clamps on the bagging machine hold the bag in place while 50 lbs. of feed or grain is discharged into the bag.  Once bag is filled, it drops gently onto the bag closing conveyor, where it moves through a bag top reformer and through a high-speed sewing machine.  This type of open mouth bag placer, can place, or position, up to 15 bags per minute.

Watch a Video

Automated Feed Bagging System - 50lb. bags Alfalfa Pellets


Further automation of the feed and grain bagging system shown in the video could be achieved by adding an automatic bag top reformer before the sewing machine.  A bag palletizing robot could also be added at the end of the packaging line.

auto bagging and palletizing system

Auto Bagging and Palletizing System (click for larger image)

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