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Filling 50 lb bags with milk powder

Filling 50 lb. bags with milk powder

This milk powder bag packing machine fills 50 lb. open mouth bags at a rate of 2-3 bags per minute.  It provides an accurate and dust tight filling process.  The machine is designed to be quickly and easily disassembled for access to internal components when cleaning and sanitation is required.

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Bagging machine for mini feed pellets

Bagging machine for mini feed pellets

This mini feed pellets bagging machine can fill bags, pouches, containers up to 10lbs. in weight with dry, free-flowing mini or small pellets.  These types of small pellets are used for feeding chickens, rabbits, fish, goats, sheep, and other small pets and animals.  They are also used for plant food fertilizer.

Looking to bag feed pellets for larger animals?  Please see our product line of open mouth baggers or this case study about animal feed bagging equipment for 20-100 lb bags.

How to Bag and Package Mini Feed Pellets

The S4 bagging machine has one of the simplest set-ups of any automatic weigh filler.  It allows you to quickly change the different bag and container fill weight sizes with the press of a couple buttons.

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A snack food producer needed to increase production on one of its bagging lines for breading mix. The existing equipment was centrally located within their process, which made any upgrades or integrations challenging.  The customer’s project requirements included a bag sealing machine that uses an ultrasonic sealer to hermetically seal valve bags.  This way, the bags would be dust tight before dropping onto a conveyor below.

bag sealing machine uses ultrasonic sealer for breading mix

Ultrasonic Bag Sealer

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Accurate dosing of seasonings into a tumbling drum, easy cleaning, reliability

seasoning dispenser for tumble drum

Feeder used to dispense seasonings into a tumbling drum

Food production facilities use vibrating feeders (a.k.a. vibratory pan feeders -or- scarf feeders) for dispensing seasonings and spices directly onto the surface of food products as they tumble in a drum.  This process is referred to as enrobing. The feeder can also meter seasonings precisely into a blended seasoning batch, or as an application of toppings and coatings in downstream processing equipment.

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palletizing system for manually stacking bags on pallets

Incline conveyor takes 50# bags of shelled corn up to a gravity roller accumulation table

One or more operators can use a manual palletizing systems to stack open mouth and valve bags containing a variety of agricultural products such deer corn, cottonseed hulls, oats, alfalfa pellets / cubes, soybean meal, barley, dried molasses, and mixing / stock salts. They can also stack bags filled with industrial products such as chemical powders, cement, mortar, and pigments.

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Coffee Bagging EquipmentChoose from different types of coffee bagging equipment that automatically weigh and fill coffee pouches and bags with roasted coffee beans or grounds.  Fill small pouches that weigh 0.5 pounds – 5 pounds, larger open mouth bags that weigh up to 50 pounds, or bulk bags that weigh up to 4,400 pounds.

All coffee bagging equipment has an accuracy of +/- 0.5-1% of target weight and can operate at different bagging speeds. Financing options are available.

sealing bags of coffee

Filling and sealing bags of coffee

Coffee bag sealers automatically vacuum seal foil or poly lined coffee pouches for retail sale in stores and online.  Nitrogen gas flush options are also available for coffee bag sealers.  Larger, 5-50 pound open mouth bag sealers for wholesale can be sealed on a conveyor using a heat sealer and then palletized using a robotic palletizer.

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The video below shows an automated feed bagging system that quickly fills and packages multi-wall paper bags with 50lbs. of alfalfa pellets (pasture cubes or range cubes) to be used for livestock feed.  This system uses a high-speed net weigh bagger with 2 internal weigh hoppers.

Automated Feed Bagging System - 50lb. bags Alfalfa Pellets

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auto bagging and palletizing system

Auto Bagging and Palletizing System (click for larger image)

This auto bagging and palletizing system is designed to fill 50 lb. open mouth poly bags at a rate of 10 bags per minute. Free-flowing and dry bulk material flows from the 80 cu. ft. hopper into a net weigh gravity flow bagger that includes a vibrating feeder with gravity gate.  The feeder doses a set amount of  product into the internal weigh hopper.

high speed net weight bagging scale and system for 50 lb bags

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Seasoning potato chips using an electrostatic seasoning system

Seasoning potato chips using an electrostatic seasoning system

Electrostatic seasoning systems can be retrofitted to existing food processing equipment and can result in 10-45% powder savings, while delivering excellent seasoning coverage.

With an average seasoning cost of $1-4 per pound (depending on formulation and supplier), return on investment in an electrostatic seasoning system can occur in 4 months or less.

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