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Fertilizer Bagging System Using Buckhorn CenterFlow Seed Boxes

fertilizer bagging system using buckhorn centerflow seed boxes

This fertilizer bagging system is used to fill poly bags with granular, free-flowing fertilizer. It includes a specially designed discharge stand and stainless steel hopper for Buckhorn CenterFlow seed boxes, a stainless steel digital gross weigh bagging scale with pneumatic bag clamp, a stainless steel mesh belt bag closing conveyor, and a hot air bag sealer.

The same type of system could be used to bag other types of free-flowing products like animal feed, plastic pellets, grains, seeds, wood pellets, and more. Multiple bag filling recipes are stored and easily swapped out via the digital scale controller.

Process Description

A forklift operator positions a full seed box on the discharge stand and opens the slide access door on the bottom of the box.  Fertilizer granules flow by gravity from the box into the stainless steel hopper and into the stainless steel digital gross weigh bagging scale.

hot air bag sealer over wire mesh belt conveyor closes poly bags filled with fertilizer

A bagging machine operator places a poly bag on the bagging machine’s spout and waves a wand that closes the pneumatic bag clamp.  A digitally controlled gravity gate feeder inside the bagging scale discharges the fertilizer granules into the poly bag.  The Systec IT6000E digital scale controller automatically weighs the fertilizer as it is added to the poly bag.  Once the set target weight has been reached, the gravity gate closes, and the pneumatic bag clamp releases the bag from the spout.

side view of fertilizer bagging system with discharge stand and hopper for buckhorn centerflow seed box

The bagging machine operator then guides the poly bag through a high-speed hot air bag sealer.  This type of bag sealing equipment is used to seal non-gussetted, pillow-style polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) open mouth bags containing a wide range of products including fertilizer, pool salt, ice melt, industrial chemicals, compost, soil, etc.

After the bags have been sealed, they are conveyed through a bag flattener, and then to a robotic palletizer, where they are automatically stacked on pallets.  After palletizing, the full pallets are transported by a forklift operator to an automated pallet wrapper on a turntable.  The wrapped pallets are then transported to shipping or storage.

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