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Material Transfer from Bulk Bags into Valve Bags

bulk bag to valve bag system

This material transfer system conveys the contents of a bulk bag into 10 to 100 pound valve bags.  It can be used to transfer materials such as powders or small granules including finish cement, bentonite, barite, fertilizers, frac sand, powdered limestone, gypsum, powdered iron ore, oil drilling chemical powders, titanium dioxide, and more.

Bulk bags are lifted onto the bulk bag unloader using a fork truck or hoist. The unloader uses a knife, or “spout spike”, to dispense material from the bulk bag into the surge hopper.

The material is then conveyed from the hopper, using a screw conveyor, to the surge hopper located above the valve bagging machine.  The screw conveyor is controlled by a level controller located in the surge hopper above the valve bag filling machine.  A manual slide gate located on the screw conveyor also allows for temporary bypass of material into a hopper or a tote bin, if valve bag filling is not required.

The system includes controls for the valve bagging machine and the screw conveyor.  The system is pre-wired and pre-piped for quick installation.  The clients provided power and compressed air to the control enclosure located on valve bagging machine.


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