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Filling Valve Bags with Powders, Granules, or Flaked Products

The CBE Series 200 Valve Bagging Machines are used to fill valve bags to weight ranges of 10 to 110 pounds with powders, granules, or flaked products.

The operator installs an empty valve bag and manually clamps it down to the bag filling spout. The operator then presses the start button and material enters through the top of unit into a surge hopper. The hopper contains a spiral agitator that promotes the flow of the material into the auger. The auger then turns on and off from the command controller to fill the valve bag to a set point weight. The bag clamp is then released and the operator removes the filled valve bag from the bag chair.

The bag chair is height adjustable to accommodate various sizes of valve bags and contains a vibrating motor to densify the material during filling of the valve bag. An option is available for the bag chair to automatically tip and drop the filled bag from the machine and place it onto a conveyor.

The bagging machine comes pre-wired and pre-piped. The client provides power and compressed air to the control enclosure located on the machine. The unit as shown can be mounted on casters for transporting to various fill stations located around the packaging facility.

The typical fill material will be a powder or small granules.

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