Filling Bulk Bags and Boxes with Pellets

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Bulk Bag Filling with Vibrating Table and ScaleSystem for filling bulk bags and boxes for a Polyester pellet manufacturer.  It also included one incoming conveyor line at 90 degrees to the outgoing (left & right) main conveyor lines. Everything was to be dust tight with powered (CDLR) roller conveyors.

The entire system which included 25 ft. of incoming conveyor, a 90 degree (left or right) chain transfer, and two bulk bag loaders with conversion kits to accommodate the bulk box filling. Load cell scales, bag inflation, vibratory densi- fication, inlet gates, and grid type tables were just a few of the added options included.

Six to ten (6-10) 2,000 lb. bulk bags or bulk boxes can be filled every hour, at each of the two stations.

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