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Bulk Bag Filler with Pallet Dispenser

Bulk Bag Filler with Wooden Pallet Dispenser

This bulk bag filler with a pallet dispenser automatically places an empty pallet under a bulk bag before filling. The pallet dispenser can hold 14-16 pallets for staging. Controls automatically remove the bottom pallet from the stack and place it below the bulk bag before filling occurs.

Once the bulk bag is filled, a power roller discharges the filled bulk bag and pallet onto an accumulation conveyor (not shown) for transport to a warehouse. The pallet dispenser reduces the need for an operator to place an empty pallet under each bag, thus increasing bag filling rates and labor.

This type of bulk bag filler has a built in scale to fill bags to their target weight. Proper placement on the pallet is insured by inflating the bulk bag before filling with a blower, which allows for faster filling of the bag with light density products.  A vibrating table with a grid deck allows for densification of the product while filling occurs.

bulk bag filler with wooden pallet destacker

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