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How are magnets used for recycling?

Large tube magnets used for paper recycling

Large tube magnets used for paper recycling

Magnets, such as these large tube rare earth magnets, are used inside of recycling systems that process recoverable materials like paper.  This type of magnet would be installed after the paper shredding step inside of the recycling stream. The magnets catch stray nuts, bolts, staples, paper clips, and other metal objects before they reach downstream grinding equipment. They also collect fine metallic particles to ensure a metal-free, recycled paper product. Removal of the collected metals is accomplished using the EZ-clean and self-cleaning design on the magnet.

This particular drawer magnet consists of 52MgOe rare earth tubes with large diameters. The tubes achieve a pull strength of 23 pounds on a 1/2″ ball. This makes it one of the strongest magnets available for gravity fed or metered bulk processing and recycling applications. Several options and custom sizes are available including Nedox coated tubes for enhanced abrasion resistance.

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