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Grate Magnets for Powders and Other Poor Flowing Bulk Solids

Rotary Grate Magnets for Powders & Poor Flowing Bulk Solids

Rotary grate magnets remove ferrous metal from dry powders and other bulk solids that have poor flow characteristics.  These types of solids also have a tendency to bridge and choke, when using stationary tube style magnetic separators. Sizes range from 8″ by 8″ up to 18″ by 18″ outlets with custom designs available to fit your exact specifications.

The grate magnets are enclosed inside a housing with a cylindrical configuration of rare earth magnetic tubes that continually rotate through the gravity fed product stream. As the magnets rotate, they break up clumps, keep the product flowing, and remove ferrous metal. The housing includes a drawer that opens on a fixed track that smoothly rotates into the correct position. This allows an operator to clean the collected metal downward into a catch bin below.

rotary grate magnets in housing for powders

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