Tramp Metal Magnet for Aggregate Conveyor

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Magnet Above Conveyor

Magnet Above Conveyor

A major aggregate producer in North Texas was experiencing major damage to their vertical shaft impactor from tramp metal. This unwanted metal would reach the conveyor belt during the mining process.  These metallic items were also accidentally dropped on the belt.

Tinsley Company was contacted about this problem.  After an onsite visit and inspection, a stationary overhead electromagnet was selected to fit this application. Due to the small amount of tramp metal on the belt, a self-cleaning model was not required.  The customer fabricated a frame with a trolley beam overhead to support the magnet. The trolley beam allowed the customer to move the magnet to the side of the belt and then de-energize it to remove any metal collected from the belt.

Electro Magnet Above Aggregate Conveyor

Electromagnet Above Aggregate Conveyor


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