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Vibrating Belt Conveyor System for Architectural Stone Molds

Vibrating Belt Conveyor

Vibrating belt conveyor system

This conveyor system uses vibrating tables located under a belt to densify and remove air from a slurry mix poured into molds for manufacturing various types and colors of architectural stone.

Watch a Video

The video below shows an over-sized mold being processed across the conveyor.

Vibrating Table for Architectural Stone Molds

System Description

The masonry mix is prepared in an industrial mixer and then poured by gravity into the molds.

Prepared Stone Molds

Empty stone molds

The molds are then conveyed by a roller conveyor to the vibrating belt conveyor, which consists of two vibrating flat top tables.  The vibratory action of the tables is driven by two industrial vibration motors located under each table. This causes the slurry mix to settle into a mold.  At the same time, entrained air is released from the slurry mix.

Molds after passing over vibratory belt conveyor

Molds after passing over the vibrating belt conveyor

The frequency and force of the vibrating tables is adjustable for each type of architectural stone being manufactured. The conveying rate of the belt is controlled by a variable frequency drive (VFD), which is included as part of the system. Belt width and length is determined by the size and weight of the molds. The process rate is determined by the batch mixer.

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