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Carbon Black Feed Solids Separator

carbon black feed stock solids separator

carbon black feed stock solids separator

The Derrick Solids Separator is designed to remove solids from feedstock oil. The system operates continuously and is designed for unattended operation, low maintenance, and produces clean oil and dry stackable solids. Solids loading in the feedstock oil does not effect the efficiency of the system.

Remove solids from feedstock oil located in:

  • Large storage tanks
  • Day tanks
  • Rail tank cars
  • Tank trucks

System Specifications

  • Flow Rates: 50-110 GPM
  • Oil Temperature: 160-240°F
  • Skid Mounted: contains drive and controls

Operation of System

Dirty feedstock oil is pre-heated if needed, then pumped to the Derrick Model DE-1000-FHD Oil Separator at a rate of 50 – 110 gallons per minute. The separator removes the solids and discharges them into a container or dumpster. The clean feedstock oil flows by gravity into a receiving tank for processing or storage.

Testing and Purchase

A full scale production unit is available to rent for testing at the plant site. If purchase is completed rental funds are credited to the purchase price. Factory service is also available during the test.

The system can be purchased as a “stand-alone” skid mounted unit, or Derrick Corporation can provide a total system that includes a work platform, flow meters, piping, and solids collection equipment. Fabrication and installation is also available if required.

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