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Filling Valve Bags with Carbon Black Powder

900-Series-Horizontal-Impeller-Filler-Valve-Bagging-Machine-2The Choice Bagging Equipment 900 Series Horizontal Impeller Valve Bagging Machine is designed to package carbon black powder into valve bags at rates up to 8 bags per minute. The patented six star impeller has a large material inlet and moves the carbon black powder to the bag with positive feed and minimum aereation of the powder. The absence of air allows for faster filling of the bags. The impeller is driven by a variable speed motor to control precise bag weight.

Valve Bag Weight Capacities:

  • 20 to 110 pounds

Electronic Components

  • Patented flexure assembly with 500 pound load cell
  • Model 5297 digital controller

Technical Specifications

  • Electrical: 230\460\3\60 with 7.5 HP TEFC motor, control transformer, and 110\1\60 control voltage
  • Compressed air: 0.4 to 1.0 cfm at 80 psi per machine cycle
  • Gross shipping weight: 1,050 pounds


  • bag clamp
  • bulk cutoff
  • auto start
  • spiral jet tube clean-out
  • timed bag seal
  • manual bag chair

Accessory Items

  • Auto start
  • Auto bag discharge
  • Bin activator with controls
  • Dust collector
  • Powered bag discharge chair

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