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Magnetic Drum Separator for Sand, Fine Powders, and Recycling Systems

rotating drum magnetA magnetic drum separator is used to remove ferrous metal from sand, free flowing bulk powders, crumb rubber, and more. The most common drum magnet measures 12 inches in diameter and has a 24 inch wide surface.

Sand and other free-flowing powders are poured over the drum’s surface.  The rotating shell of the magnetic drum revolves around a stationary magnet.  Ferrous metal stays on the shell surface until it passes away from the magnetic field.

Location of Rotating Magnet

These types of magnetic separators are designed for low volume processing in many types of industries such as recycling, construction and demolition (C&D), scrap, powder processing, grain processing, crumb rubber, plastics, and more.  They can be sold with our without a motor and housing.

rotating drum magnet in housing with drive motor dual or two rotating drum magnets in housing with drive motor

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