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Quartz Sand Screening Equipment Installed at Silica Sand Plant

High Efficiency Screens for Quartz Sand

(2) 5-deck Derrick® Stack Sizer® screening machines were installed to achieve a 500 micron separation of quartz sand at a silica sand plant.

Before the new machines were installed, the plant used two upstream classifiers that were fed from a hydrocyclone to produce a product with a 0% +0.70mm fraction.  Due to the low efficiency of the hydraulic classifiers, Derrick Corporation’s high speed repulp screening machines were installed to control the overflow stream and recover the coarse particles.

To increase final production by 20%, the sand plant decided to evaluate the possibility and benefits of replacing the hydraulic classifiers and control screens with Stack Sizers to improve classification efficiency and reduce energy usage and water consumption.

Testing was then performed and the Derrick Stack Sizers achieved an overall classification efficiency of 93.6% while using 87% less water than the upstream classifiers.  Based on the test results, the upstream hydraulic classifiers were replaced with the (2) Stack Sizers.

500 Micron Separation of Quartz Sand using Upstream Classifier 500 Micron Separation of Quartz Sand using Stack Sizer


  • Higher accuracy in controlling particle size separation
  • Improved classification efficiency
  • Higher recovery and throughput capacity
  • Lower operating costs including water consumption, electric power, maintenance, and labor
High Efficiency Quartz Sand Classification Process Derrick Authorized Sales Representative

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