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Frac Sand Screening Equipment installed at Sand Production Plant

Frac Sand Screening Machine

A sand producer was looking to increase production rates at an existing plant by adding new frac sand screening equipment. Their goal was to produce a consistent 40 x 70 API standard product.  The feed to the vibratory screening machines would be from a processed material stream that discharges from a hydrocyclone at a solid feed rate of 150 STPH.

Material testing was preformed at the Derrick Corporation test lab to confirm equipment selection required to make the 40 x 70 product. Derrick recommended a two stage screening process using (3) Stack Sizers® to make the primary 40 mesh separation. The -40 mesh fraction from the primary Stack Sizers would then feed to (3) secondary Stack Sizers to remove the -70 mesh particles.

The final product was within specification of the API standard within a single pass. All Stack Sizer units used the Derrick patented Polyweb® Urethane screen surfaces with high open area and long life expectancy of each panel. Stack Sizers have a high separation efficiency to increase product quality while reducing the variability in the final product output. The unique design of this type of frac sand screening equipment can save floor space, while the minimal dynamic loading minimizes the structural requirements.

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