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Silica Sand Wet Scalping Screen

silica sand wet scalping screen

Three vibratory screens are used to scalp oversized silica sand particles in a wet screening application. Sand and water are fed from a water separator onto the screen’s surface. All sand particles larger than 40 mesh are scalped off and removed from the flow.

The minus 40 mesh particles are added to the water and sent to dewatering screens and a dryer. Flow rates between 1200-1500 gallons per minute are processed by the screens.  Three urethane wet screen panels, designed for abrasive silica sand, are tensioned on the vibratory screen frame. Spray bars located above the screen’s surface allow for repulping of solids to provide a high efficiency removal of the over-sized sand particles. An industrial vibration motor is designed to fit over the full width of the screen frame for maximum vibratory force on the screen’s panels.

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