Dry Screening Silica Sand

in category: Vibrating Screens

Vibratory dry screening to size silica sand particles for use as frac sand.

Silica sand is being fed to the vibratory screen at a rate of 12-15 tons per hour and the dry urethane screen panels are sizing the sand between 40 US mesh and 20 US Mesh. Dry urethane panels are designed for extended life cycle with the silica sand. Material enters a feed box and then falls onto the screen’s surface.  The vibratory screen is mounted on a downhill angle close to the angle of repose of the silica sand to promote better particle separation and high speed screening.  A full width vibratory drive motor is used for the screen frame and the screen panel surfaces. Unit is totally enclosed for dust tight operation with  hinged covers on top and side of machine  to allow for inspection and screen panel change over.

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