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Replacing Wire Mesh Screens with Polyurethane Screens at Frac Sand Plant

New 32 mesh 650 microns polyurethane screens for frac sand plantDerrick® polyurethane surfaces replaced existing wire screens resulting in increased production and reduced downtime at a frac sand plant.


  • Eliminated lost production due to frequent screen replacement
  • Minimized silica dust exposure to employees
  • Reduced machine downtime by more than 90%


A New Auburn, Wisconsin USA frac sand plant was producing 30-50 and 40-70 products using seven Rotex® Megatex™ XD Screeners filled with 32 mesh conventional wire screens. Due to the highly abrasive sand, the 32 mesh wire screens were being replaced every 15 days. This task was highly labor intensive, requiring several hours of maintenance per day.


To eliminate the production loss and reduce silica dust exposure caused by frequent opening of the machines to replace the wire screens, the customer installed Derrick 650 micron polyurethane dry screening panels on its Rotex screeners. The change was completely transparent and seamless, requiring no modification of the Rotex machines.


The new Derrick polyurethane screens have eliminated the downtime penalty for periodic routine screen replacement. The urethane surfaces have been in service more than 6 months without a screen change. Labor decreased from 2 hours per day to zero, saving more than 260 work hours over the 6-month period. In addition, by eliminating frequent screen replacement, employees’ exposure to silica dust has been significantly reduced.

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