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Screening Machines

fine screening and dewatering for mineral processing

Multiple 5 Deck Derrick® Stack Sizer® Installations

The patented, high-volume Derrick® Stack Sizer® provides a much better economic alternative to Hydrocyclone separators, hydraulic classifiers, and less efficient low volume fine screening systems.

Over 300 of the Stack Sizer units have been sold throughout the world for fine screening and dewatering applications that require high tonnage mineral processing.

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Vibrating Screen for FertilizerThis heavy-duty vibrating screen for fertilizer is four feet wide by eight feet in length.  It has dual, top-mounted industrial vibration motors that shake the screen.  The screen is designed to scalp phosphate rock at a rate of 150 tons per hour. It removes agglomerates and foreign matter, while producing less than 2% overs.  The slope of the discharge funnel and support structure were specially designed to accommodate the customer’s existing collection type, troughing belt conveyor.

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Boiler Ash Handling & Recovery System

Final dewatered ash, or char, being fed off the dewatering screen

This boiler ash handling and recovery system is designed to remove unburned carbon (char), ash, grit, and sand from wastewater discharged from a wood and bark power boiler. Slurry, composed of water and solids, is sent from the wet precipitator to the dewatering screen at rates of 800 to 2,200 GPM. The HI-G dewatering screen uses (2) low horsepower, industrial vibration motors to apply a high G-force on the urethane screen panels.  This separates the water from the solids.

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