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Dewatering Screen used in Boiler Ash Handling and Recovery System

Boiler Ash Handling & Recovery System

Final dewatered ash, or char, being fed off the dewatering screen

This boiler ash handling and recovery system is designed to remove unburned carbon (char), ash, grit, and sand from wastewater discharged from a wood and bark power boiler. Slurry, composed of water and solids, is sent from the wet precipitator to the dewatering screen at rates of 800 to 2,200 GPM. The HI-G dewatering screen uses (2) low horsepower, industrial vibration motors to apply a high G-force on the urethane screen panels.  This separates the water from the solids.

The unburned carbon, or char, is discharged from the dewatering screen onto a belt conveyor.  It is also stacked on grade for transfer to the bark or waste wood storage area for re-burning in the boiler. The ash, grit, and sand is removed for disposal in a land fill. This type of ash handling and recovery system can be also be used to remove minerals and other solids from process and cooling water streams.

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Boiler Ash Handling & Recovery System
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