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Repackaging Granular and Powder Products from Bulk Bags into Open Mouth Bags

Packaging system fills open mouth paper bags at a rate of 4-6 bags per minute with granular and powder products, such as zeolite and guar gum.

bulk bag unloading system repackages water filter media into open mouth bags

System Overview

The system repackages products from big bags, also called bulk bags or Super Sacks®. It includes a forklift loaded bulk bag unloader with an extended frame to accommodate an open mouth bagging machine underneath.

The bulk bag unloading station also includes a bag shaker system to assist with the complete discharge of the bulk bag. The repackaging system has an adapter box with iris value to regulate the flow of granular and powder products to the stainless steel bagging scale.

repackaging water filter media from bulk bags into open mouth bags

Open mouth bagging machine on portable stand, bag closing conveyor, pedestal mounted sewing head

The open mouth bagging machine is mounted on a portable / adjustable stand that allows it to be transported to other bagging stations. It also has a pneumatic bag clamp for dust tight filling and a two-position flow gate to provide accurate fill weights.

open mouth bagging machine on portable stand with casters

Process Overview

A forklift operator positions the bulk bag straps onto hooks of the fork truck adapter.  Then, the adapter and bag are lifted into place at pre-set (adjustable) receiver arms of the unloading frame.

lifting a bulk bag super sack into the unloading station that feeds open mouth bagging machine

Once the bulk bag is in place, the operator will access the bag bottom discharge spout through an access door in the discharge chute. The bag discharge spout is pulled out and the iris valve is closed around the discharge spout. The operator can now untie the spout and close the access door. After the door is closed, the iris valve is opened, allowing the powder product to discharge and fill the transition hopper that supplies product to the bag filling machine. As needed, the operator can cycle the bag unloader gyrator to promote material flow.

After filling, the bags are conveyed through a pedestal mounted sewing head.  Then, an operator stacks the filled bags onto a shipping pallet resting on a self-raising / lowering pallet loading station for shipping or storage.

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