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Bagging Plant with Palletizing Robot & Automated Pallet Wrapper

livestock feed bagging plant, bag sewing system, and bag handling conveyors

Bagging system, bag sewing system, and bag handling conveyors

This bagging plant fills 40KG open mouth plastic bags with different types of livestock feed for poultry, pigs, dairy cows, sheep, and horses.  It includes a high-speed bagging machine, bag handling conveyors, and a palletizing robot with automatic pallet dispenser and automated pallet wrapper.

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Bagging System with Palletizing Robot for Livestock Feed

Bagging Plant Description

Livestock feed is conveyed into a surge hopper and then flows by gravity into a duplex net weigh bagging scale.  This type of high speed net weigh bagger fills an internal weigh hopper while a bag is being filled below, thus increasing bag filling rates.

An operator places an empty bag on the bagging machine and depresses the foot pedal to release a set target weight of 40KG of livestock feed into the poly woven open mouth bag below.  After filling, the bag clamp releases the filled bag onto a bag closing conveyor where another operator feeds it through a high-speed bag sewing machine.

After sewing the bag shut, the system conveys the bag to a bag turner that orients it in the correct direction before it is sent up an incline bag flattener conveyor.  The filled bag then makes a 90 degree turn and moves through a bag squaring conveyor, an indexing conveyor, and finally to a robot pick conveyor.

palletizing robot begins to stack bags on an empty pallet while filled pallet is conveyed to pallet wrapping station

Fanuc robot arm stacks 40kg bags while a filled pallet is being conveyed to an automatic stretch wrapper.

A Fanuc palletizing robot picks up the 40KG bag and stacks it on a pallet located on either side.  Once a pallet has been fully stacked, a series of filled pallet takeaway conveyors move the filled pallet through an automatic stretch wrapper.  After wrapping, the pallets are conveyed to a station where a fork truck operator retrieves them for shipping or storage.

fork truck retrieving wrapped pallet of 40kg bags of livestock feed

Fork truck retrieving wrapped pallet of 40KG bags of livestock feed.

The palletizing part of the bagging system is considered automatic and also includes an automatic pallet dispenser.  The bagging system could be further automated by adding an automatic bag placer and bag top reformer before the bag sewing system.

Automatic pallet dispenser

Automatic pallet dispenser

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