Bulk Bag Unloading with Screw Conveyor for Calcium Carbonate

Bulk Bag Unloading System with Screw Conveyor

This is a bulk bag unloading system manufactured for the largest U.S. plastics compounding manufacturer, based in Texas. The system shown is designed to discharge and convey Calcium Carbonate with a bulk density of 30 to 80 pounds per cubic foot at flow rates of 9,000 pounds per hour.

Three custom manufactured components comprise this system including our bulk bag unloader with vibratory agitation, a 20 cubic foot storage hopper, and a 12-foot long screw conveyor. Due to the difficulty in conveying calcium carbonate, the motor  horsepower was doubled and the shaft size on the screw conveyor was increased to guarantee optimum performance. Also, the preliminary product testing dictated the incorporation of our more aggressive vibratory style unloader, rather than the normal paddle agitation design.

Shown to the left of the bulk bag unloading system is the 2-Ton Hoist, Powered Trolley, Monorail, and Upper Bag Support Frame which mounts on top of the hopper and screw conveyor frame.


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