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Limestone & Pigment Powder Bag Filling System for 5-50 lb. Bags

Limestone and Pigment Powder Bag Filling System 5-50 lb Bags

Demand for crushed stone, sand, and gravel has grown over 3% annually from 2016 to 2021*.  Tinsley Equipment Company has been a trusted supplier of bagging and material handling equipment needs for customers across the U.S. In the first quarter of 2021, our team helped a customer in Alabama with both their limestone and pigment powder bagging needs.

Bagging Limestone Powder

3D render showing layout of limestone and pigment powder bagging system

(2) Impeller valve style bagging machines capable of 8 x 50 pound bags per minute (per machine)

  • Digital controls with 0.5% weight accuracy and 100 custom recipe capacity for unique target fill weight and parameter retention
  • Discharge, incline, and transfer conveyors for manual bag stacking of filled bags on pallets

Pigment Powders

5 pound bag filler for limestone and pigment powder

(1) Net weigh (pre-weigh) open mouth style bagging machine capable of 10 bags per minute

  • Filling 5-10 pound bags
  • Discharge conveyor with and industrial easy-lift system for palletizing filled bags

(1) Open mouth auger valve style bagging machine capable of 4 bags per minute

The term pigment covers a wide range of materials and brings with it a host of handling challenges. This customer has over 200 variations to offer its wide customer base, and the bulk density and material properties range from 50 -85 lb./ft3. The customer utilizes intermediate bulk containers, or IBC’s, to move product from its mixing room into the bagging stations to enable quick-ship products.


In the Fall of 2020, the plant was running at near capacity to meet its customer demands. Our client needed to move from a manual process to a more automated solution. The Tinsley Equipment Company team performed a site laser scan of the packaging building to help in the product selection and equipment layout. After the equipment was delivered, the Tinsley team assisted in the start-up, training and on-going support that makes for a strong relationship.

* US Aggregate Industry Data

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