Industrial Pumps for Cement Handling

Industrial Pumps for Cement Handling

Industrial Pumps for Cement Handling

These Industrial Pumps were used for Cement Handling and can transport high rates of cement over long distances.

In a project designed to replace the energy and maintenance of existing heavy screw pumps, a cement plant in Australia required a new pumping solution and other dense-phase pneumatic conveying systems.  The objective was to reduce operating cost of pumping cement and the maintenance that comes along with it.  The cement plant’s investment in the new systems resulted in a reduction in plant energy consumption and increased reliability.  No electrical motors were used – thus decreasing the energy requirements even more.

Primary Objectives

  1. Reduce plant energy consumption
  2. Ensure plant operating reliability
  3. Integrate with plant control systems

Material Characteristics

  • Material:  Cement
  • Bulk Density:  1000 kg/m3
  • Size:  360 Blaine
  • Temperature:  Ambient
  • Moisture Content:  0.2%
  • Condition:  Free Flowing, Dry

Cement Handling Performance

  • Transfer Capacity:  125 t/h design rate
  • Conveying Distance:  286 m
  • Reception Points:  6 Silos
  • Air Consumption:  95 Nm3/min
sketch of pumps for cement handling

Sketch of Pumps (click for larger view)

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