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Pumps Transfer Cement at High Rates over Long Distances

Industrial Pumps for Cement HandlingThese industrial pumps transfer cement at high rates over long distances. They were a part of a project designed to replace the energy and maintenance of existing heavy screw pumps at a cement plant.  The objective was to reduce operating cost of pumping cement and the maintenance that comes along with it.

The cement plant’s investment in the new systems resulted in a reduction in plant energy consumption and increased reliability.  No electrical motors were used – thus decreasing the energy requirements even more.

Primary Objectives

1. Reduce plant energy consumption
2. Ensure plant operating reliability
3. Integrate with plant control systems

Material Characteristics

  • Material:  Cement
  • Bulk Density:  1000 kg/m3
  • Size:  360 Blaine
  • Temperature:  Ambient
  • Moisture Content:  0.2%
  • Condition:  Free Flowing, Dry

Cement Handling Performance

  • Transfer Capacity:  125 t/h design rate
  • Conveying Distance:  286 m
  • Reception Points:  6 Silos
  • Air Consumption:  95 Nm3/min
sketch of pumps for cement handling

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