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Bulk Bag Unloaders

Ingredient Batching System with Bulk Bag Unloading

Ingredient Batching System with Bulk Bag Unloading

This minor ingredient batching system for rubber products consists of (13) small vibratory feeders and (3) 2-speed precision volumetric screw feeders, manufactured in 304 stainless steel. The selection of feeder type was accomplished via testing at the manufacturer’s facility. Each product was tested and the type of feeder selected for accuracy and flowability.

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Carbon Black Batching System with Bulk Bag Unloading Station

Bulk bag unloading station uses intermediate frame to change rubber ingredients often

This bulk bag unloading station dispenses different types of carbon black in precise amounts to produce rubber products.

A “gain-in-weight” bulk bag unloading station with many unique features was designed. Because of the need to change the carbon blacks often, an intermediate frame complete with the unloader assembly was designed to allow the material to be changed, while there was material contained in the bulk bag. This is accomplished by simply closing a butterfly valve and lifting the frame out of a stationary feeding station. A second frame with a different material is then placed into the feeding station, the butterfly valve is opened, and the material change is complete.

The carbon black is metered out of the unloading station and into a plastic bin, which is indexed onto a scale. When initiated, the carbon black batching system will automatically dispense the proper amount of material (with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 lbs.) into a 75 pound batch. The complete process is accomplished in a dust-free environment.

New!  Precisely mix and blend carbon black and other types of powders and pellets inside an intermediate bulk container, or IBC, using a patented cone valve.

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Bulk Bag Unloading Stations for Batching System

Bulk bag unloading station and five-ingredient net weigh hopper

This powder blending and batching system was built for a manufacturer of engineered refractory products.  They required an automated system to blend and batch seven dry ingredients.

The customer had five existing exterior storage hoppers which where retrofitted with new screw conveyors. The screw conveyors transported their product into a five-ingredient net weigh hopper. In addition to the materials fed into the hopper, there are two loss-of-weight bulk bag unloading stations which are able to simultaneously dispense precise amounts of material. Both the net weigh hopper and the loss-of-weight unloading stations feed onto a collection conveyor for transport to the existing industrial mixer.

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Concrete Batching System

Powder blending of concrete products by weight

This powder blending system is used to mix dry ingredients by weight to create concrete products.  Once the ingredients are unloaded into the system, they are conveyed to an industrial mixer.

The equipment consists of a big bag unloader on tank-type load cells, a 50 pound bag dump station with self-contained dust collector, a twin motor vibratory 2-speed feeder with an inclined corrugated side wall, and a cleated belt conveyor. All equipment was designed for dust-tight operation.

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bulk bag unloader for chopped strand fiberglass

This heavy duty bulk bag unloader was specially designed to dispense chopped strand fiberglass from bulk bags into 50 pound cartons.  The cartons were filled to an exact weight (+/-0.1 pounds) in 20 to 30 seconds.  The unloader had a self contained hoist to feed the fiberglass at a controlled rate to a scale.  The quiet two-speed, air-powered feeder is automatically controlled by the scale’s fast and dribble flow set points.

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Bulk Bag Unloader System

Bulk bag unloader system

A bulk bag unloading system, containing (3) unloader stations, precisely dispenses additives into a blending and mixing system. Each station contains an over head rail with a powered hoist and trolley to lift the bag transport frame and bulk bag into each station.

Under the bulk bag is an untie hopper and delumper to remove any lumps before entering a vibratory feeder.  The feeder meters the powdered material into a pneumatic conveyor. The pneumatic conveyor then transfers the material to a weigh hopper located above the blending and mixing system.

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bulk bag handling equipment for chlorine additive system

Bulk bag handling equipment including unloader stations, screw feeder, and mixer

This bulk bag handling equipment is used to dispense chlorine additives that are mixed with powdered chloride. This creates a water treatment agent for use in swimming pools and hot tubs.

This unloading system consists of (3) big bag unloading stations, (1) IBC tote bin unloading station, volumetric screw feeders, and a mixing screw conveyor with  controls for operation.

As chlorine powder enters the system, three additional additives are volumetrically added to the powder in the mixing screw. The controls allow for the operator to adjust the rate that the additives are fed into the mixer.

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Bulk Bag Equipment to Unload Titanium Dioxide and Calcium Carbonate

Bulk bag emptying system

This bulk bag emptying system unloads titanium dioxide (TiO2) and calcium carbonate (CaCO3) powder into 5 pound plastic bags.  The titanium dioxide and calcium carbonate are additives in a rubber compounding system.

The additives arrive in 2,000 pound bulk bags. The bags are loaded into the emptying system.  Below the station is a vibratory hopper that draws the material out of the bulk bag and into a surge hopper. Material is metered out of the surge hopper into the preformed plastic bag, which is secured on a bag clamp.

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Bulk Bag Unloader with Reusable Bulk Bags

Unloading Big Bags Containing Drilling Mud and Additives

This bulk bag equipment unloads big bags containing drilling mud and additives and dispenses them into an industrial mixer.  The equipment is located on an offshore drilling rig.

The bulk bags take the place of traditional 50 pound bags, which required excessive manpower and time to open and feed into the educator system. They also allow for quicker unloading time and are reusable.  After use, they are returned to shore for cleaning and refilling.

The bulk bag unloader is designed to support up to 7,500 pound bulk bags.  Compressed air is used for all of the controls, as well as for the bag hoist and trolley.  This eliminates any electrical devices on the entire system.

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