Carbon Black Batching System

Carbon Black Batching System for Seven (7) types of carbon blacks. They are simultaneously fed into individual weigh hoppers. Vibratory Feeders meter product into 16 cu. ft. Net Weigh Hoppers supplied with air-operated fast acting Roller Slide Gates.

Carbon Black Batching SystemUpon discharge, a Quiet Single Impactor Pneumatic Vibrator cleans the Weigh Hopper, before the gate closes. The batch is then transferred by Belt Conveyor to a 16 cu. ft. confirmation (check weigh) Hopper where the final weight is either accepted or rejected. Accepted batches go directly to the mixer. If a batch is out of tolerance it is rejected via a Pantleg Diverter into a portable storage container at floor level.

Target batches can vary from approximately 30 to 600 lbs., with final batch accuracy at +/- 0.5 lbs. Design feed rate is approximately 200 lbs. per minute with a product bulk density of 40-50 PPCF. The Seven Ingredient Automatic Feed System is fully computer controlled via a Multiple Recipe Storage System. Loading of the product into the system is via bottom discharging 2,000 Lb. bulk bags, which are quickly unloaded into the process stream, via Air Cylinder-Activated, Bulk Bag Unloaders. The total modular turnkey system was assembled and tested, component by component, on the manufacturer’s floor prior to final shipment.

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