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Bag Sealing Machine Uses Ultrasonic Sealer for Breading Mix

A snack food producer needed to increase production on one of its bagging lines for breading mix. The existing equipment was centrally located within their process, which made any upgrades or integrations challenging.  The customer’s project requirements included a bag sealing machine that uses an ultrasonic sealer to hermetically seal valve bags.  This way, the bags would be dust tight before dropping onto a conveyor below.

bag sealing machine uses ultrasonic sealer for breading mix

Ultrasonic Bag Sealer

bagging system for breading mix with ultrasonic sealer

Bagging system for breading mix with ultrasonic sealer

A bag sealing machine incorporates an ultrasonic sealer that converts high frequency mechanical sound waves on a thermoplastic material located on the valve into heat.  This creates a positive seal on these types of valve bags that prevents valve leakage or moisture intrusion.  This type of machine can bag and seal plastic and paper valve bags at a rate up to 3 bags per minute depending on product characteristics.

The final installation also included several operator safety protections and came to the site with the controls and electrical pre-wired for quick installation.


  • Model 205 auger bagger with 304 stainless steel contact surfaces
  • Integrated ultrasonic sealer with bottom discharge for conveyor integration
  • Modular operator platform with safety interlock switches for hand protection
  • NEMA 4x control enclosure with integrated single drop controls


  • Improved production rate at 3 bags per minute
  • Increased production reliability
  • Hermetically sealed valve bags without heat degradation to the breading mix
  • Operator comfort and bagging ease

Additional Types of Fine, Dusty Powders Handled with an Ultrasonic Sealer:

  • Powdered sugar
  • Corn starch
  • Talc
  • Carbon black
  • Phosphates
sealed valve bag containing food or chemical product

Hermetically sealed valve bag

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