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Coffee Bag Sealers used for Packaging Roasted Coffee

coffee bag sealers used for packaging roasted coffeeLearn more about coffee bag sealers that vacuum seal and flush bags and pouches with nitrogen or CO2.

Why is it important to vacuum seal coffee bags and flush them with nitrogen?

Vacuum sealing and flushing a bag with a gas like nitrogen removes most of the oxygen, making it difficult for aerobic bacteria to grow.  This extends the shelf life and freshness of whole coffee beans and ground coffee. Many large grocery stores, retail coffee shops, or online retailers like Amazon, require that coffee producers use VGF/MAP for their packaging for resale.  (VGF stand for Vacuum Gas Flush and MAP stands for Modified Atmosphere Packaging.)

Entry-Level Coffee Bag Sealers with Nitrogen Gas Flush

small table top coffee bag sealer with vacuum and nitrogen gas flush

Tabletop Vacuum Sealer

For coffee roasters and producers that are looking to add an entry-level bag sealer with their new coffee packaging machine, we first recommend using a vacuum sealer.  They are robust, stainless steel food grade sealers that create a modified atmosphere package for a wide range of coffee bag sizes, including extra wide and heavy bags.  Each model includes a 5.7 in color touch screen controller that simplifies operation and coffee package customization, allowing you to create repeatable packaging recipes.  They take up a minimum amount of floor space and can be customized to meet your requirements.  Tabletop models are also available.

vacuum sealing 6 bags of coffee at a time vp 3600 003

Vacuum sealing and flushing 6 bags of coffee at a time


  • All machines tested to ANSI/PMMI B-155.1-2016
  • All parts UL/CSA approved
  • Consistent, strong vacuum seals to ensure freshness and purity
  • Extra wide sealing widths
  • Easy operation with intuitive design and low maintenance
  • Many custom options are available

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Vacuum Sealers for Bags & Pouches with Gas Flush

Semi-Automatic Coffee Bag Sealers with Nitrogen Gas Flush

For coffee roasters and producers that are looking to greatly increase packaging rates and efficiency to about 15 bags per minute, we recommend the MPS 7103 Vacuum Sealer with Nitrogen Gas Flush.  The MPS 7103 provides a fast return on investment.  It is a high speed, continuous band vacuum sealer that creates high quality modified atmosphere packaging that is moisture-proof and oxygen free.  The MPS 7103 can operate as a stand-alone sealer that seals bags weighing up to 2 pounds (or 8 inches wide), or it can be synchronized with a conveyor for heavier bags, increased automation, and 24/7 operation.  Additional options include a bag top trimmer, emboss coder, or inkjet printer.


  • Continuous band sealer for strong seals and long shelf life
  • User selections for electrical, infeed direction, sealer orientation, seal widths, seal band, pressure rollers
  • Vacuum gas flush options include a pneumatic bag clamp, double nozzle, and vacuum validation kit
  • Industrial PC and 5.7 inch color touch screen controls vacuum sealing settings, preferences, and productivity management tools
  • All machines tested to ANSI/PMMI B-155.1-2016
  • All parts UL/CSA approved
  • Options include heavy duty conveyors, bag top trimmer, trim scrap removal system, ink jet printer, and robotic handling system

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Continuous Band Sealers for Bags & Pouches (2oz-110lbs)


Case Study:  Klatch Coffee

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Fully Automatic Coffee Packaging and Sealing System

automatic coffee bag filling and sealing system

Package and Seal Up to 15 Coffee Bags per Minute

For coffee producers looking to greatly increase the rate of bagging and selling coffee for resale, we recommend the Plexpack Automated Bagging System or ABS.  It is a fully automated and economical system that opens, fills, weighs, and seals stand up coffee bags weighing up to 10 pounds, 12 inches wide, and 16 inches tall.  They can package up to 15 coffee bags per minute and generally provide a full return on investment within one year for most customers.  The ABS series provides a strong seal on any heat sealable bag material up to 12 mil/300 micron in thickness (6 mil/150 micron max when gusseted).


  • Takes up minimum floor space with modular components that are easy to clean
  • Fully automated for stand up bag filling, sealing, counting, and weighing
  • Food grade quality components and all parts are UL/CSA approved
  • Consistent, strong seals ensure freshness and purity
  • Many options available
  • Excellent return on investment for bagging coffee at moderate packaging speeds

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