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First, the valve bag sealer removes filled bags from the valve bagging machine. Then, it automatically seals the bag using ultrasonic energy or a clamping heat bar. After sealing, the bag is dropped onto a filled bag takeaway conveyor that conveys it to a palletizing machine. This particular valve bag sealer can be configured to work with 1-4 bag filling stations.

sealed valve bag containing food or chemical product

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Filled Bag Heat Sealing System

This simple, economical bag sealing system allows a single operator to fill and heat seal up to 4 plastic or foil bags per minute. The bagging system includes an 8 foot long bag closing conveyor, a clamp type heat sealer with mounting pedestal, and variable speed bag indexing controls to control the speed of the filled bag on the take away conveyor.

The filled bag heat sealing system can be used with most of the open mouth baggers that we sell.