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Ultrasonic Valve Bag Sealer on Auger Filler

An ultrasonic valve bag sealer is a specialized piece of equipment designed to provide a clean and efficient solution for sealing valve bags. The process involves sealing the bag before it is discharged onto a conveyor, which minimizes product spillage and migration to the surrounding environment. The sealer hermetically seals filled bags with an ultrasonically sealable valve sleeve, ensuring a high level of cleanliness during operation.

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An auger filler integrated with an ultrasonic valve bag sealer is a versatile machine that can bag and seal a variety of powders, especially those requiring quick cleanout between packaging runs. The machine shown in the video is ideal for sanitary uses or for any application where cross-contamination must be prevented. It uses an auger to fill valve bags with powdery products and ultrasonic technology to close and discharge the bags.

sealed valve bag containing food or chemical product

This type of auger filler is designed to handle a bag filling weight range of 20-110 lbs. and can achieve a production rate of 1-3 bags per minute, depending on the material and bag size. It can accommodate a material density range of 20-75 lbs. per cubic foot. The auger filling machine can operate in semi-automatic (operator-assisted) or fully automatic modes and is compatible with sonic sleeve paper and plastic film bag types.  After filling and sealing, the bags drop onto a wire mesh discharge conveyor and then move toward a manual palletizing or robotic palletizing system.

Examples of materials that can be bagged with this machine include flour, bakery mixes, cocoa, spices, pepper, animal grade pharmaceuticals, and nutraceuticals. The interior moving parts, such as the auger and agitator blades, can be easily removed for cleaning and inspection, making it a practical choice for industries that need to switch between different products frequently.

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