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How to Remove a Conveying Auger from a Valve Bagging Machine

The video below demonstrates how to remove a conveying auger from a valve bagging machine.

How to Remove a Conveying Auger from a Valve Bag Filler Machine

Removing the auger allows for quick and easy clean out of the bag filling machine or for the replacement of the conveying auger.

The operator is removing a flighted auger from the fill spout on the machine without disturbing the bearing alignment, shaft seal, or belt drive.

  • A hinged belt guard located at the rear of the machine provides access to the locking collar.
  • Once the collar is removed, the conveying auger can be pulled out of the front end of the machine without disturbing alignment.
  • Clean out or replacement is much easier once the auger has been removed.
  • Re-assembly is quick and easy.

The whole process only takes a couple of minutes.

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