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Fertilizer Bagging Machine

Fertilizer Bagging Machine

Gravity Flow Open Mouth Bagger used to fill fertilizer bags

A fertilizer bagging machine, such as the Gravity Flow Open Mouth Bagger, fills open mouth bags with dry, free-flowing and minimally dusty fertilizer granules at a rate up to 5-8 bags per minute (300-480 bags per hour).  The bags most commonly used with this machine are an open top poly bag or a poly-lined paper bags.  The bags are filled to a 50-pound target weight.

Fertilizer can also be packaged into valve bags using an Air Pressure Packer.  This type of machine can fill bags at a rate of 5-6 bags per minute to a set target weight of 50 pounds.  It is common for fertilizer bagging machines to be made of 304 stainless steel or at least have 304 stainless steel contact surfaces.

Fill valve bags with fertilizer using 2 Model 730 Air Pressure Packers

Fill valve bags with fertilizer using 2 Air Pressure Packers

Fertilizer is unloaded from big bags into a hopper and then discharged using an incline screw conveyor.  The fertilizer is then conveyed into the bag filling machine.  Each filling sequence starts automatically when the operator places the bag onto the bagging machine.  Filling stops when the bag reaches a set target weight.

bags of fertilizer on discharge conveyor under operators chair with valve bag fillers

50# bags of fertilizer are filled by one operator using 3 air pressure packers

Then the bags drop to a conveyor below, where they are conveyed through a bag flattener conveyor.

bag flattener conveyor

Bag Flattener Conveyor

Then, the bags are conveyed to a palletizing station where it can be stacked onto a shipping pallet manually by at least 2 people using an inclined conveyor and an EZ pallet loading station.  Palletizing can also be fully automated using a bag palletizing robot.

EZ Pallet Loading Station

Palletizing Filled Bags with an EZ Pallet Loading Station

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