Flour Bagging Machine

This flour bagging machine fills and seals valve bags at a rate of 3-4 bags per minute with good weight fill accuracy.  Filling can be mostly dust free with this type of flour, but dust collection is still recommended.  This is a proven design refined over many years to give users an accurate fill weight.  It is ergonomically designed to reduce repetitive motions and have a quick fill time with convenient access for maintenance.

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Flour falls by gravity from the supply hopper above into the pressure packer chamber. Once a bag is spouted, the operator hits the start button to begin the filling cycle. The conveying air valve opens to supply low pressure air to the pressure chamber. The air pressure pushes the flour out of the pressure chamber and down the fill spout into the bag.  A scale controls how much material is added into the bag.

flour bagging machineOnce the target weight is reached, the scale activates a pinch/cut off valve to stop the flow of material and closes the conveying air supply valve. Once the bag is filled, a mechanical bag clamp removes the bag from the fill spout. Once the bag is cleared from the fill spout, an ultrasonic sealer clamps around the exterior valve sleeve. The sealer then activates the pre-applied adhesive on the valve sleeve, sealing the bag shut. The bag clamp then releases the bag onto a bag take away conveyor. The site glass is just there to make sure product is in the pressure chamber.

flour bagging machine with bag sealerThis pressure packer is also used by many companies in the cement industry where dust control is not an issue because it can fill valve bags with cement at rates up to 8 bags per minute.

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