Wet Screening

High capacity wet screening and dewatering units offered for a wide range of sizing and classification tasks. Wet screening units are designed to efficiently screen out fines and classify oversize particles. Dewatering units have proven throughput of up to 300 TPH (tons per hour), and are designed to maximize solids recovery and minimize waste water.

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There are a number of different wet screening and dewatering unit types available, to fit the needs of different industries and throughput requirements.

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  1. Stack Sizer® – minimal floor space
  2. HI-G® Dewatering Machine – 7.3 G’s of acceleration on screen’s surface
  3. HI-Cap™ shaker – 300 tons per hour with superior dryness
  4. Linear Motion Machine – for slurries with low amounts of oversize
  5. Repulp Screen – wet sizing screen produces clean oversize material free of fines
  6. Vacu-Deck Dewatering Screen – recover and dewater feed solids
  7. High Shear Screen – remove grit particles from clay
  8. Belt Scalper Screen – extract organic particles from waste water streams without vibration

Derrick Authorized Sales Representative
Tinsley Company is an authorized sales representative for the Derrick Corporation. Derrick provides wet screening and dewatering solutions that have been designed for a wide range of industries, including:

  • Mining
  • Aggregate Processing
  • Chemical
  • Plastics
  • Waste Water Processing
  • Brewing
  • Forest Product Industries
  • Silica Sand
  • Coal

For more information, please visit: www.Derrick.com

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1. Stack Sizer®

stacked screens

Derrick Stack Sizer® Screens

The Derrick Stack Sizer® maximizes wet screening and dewatering efficiency while requiring a minimal amount of floor space. It features a compact, high capacity design. This unit can be fitted with up to five vertically stacked screen decks, to allow efficient screening and classification. Each screen supports its own fines collection pan, with undersize particles removed from the unit via a single-outlet launder. Oversize particles are conveyed from screen decks into a common-outlet hopper.

Important highlights include:

  • Structural requirements kept to a minimum with low dynamic load.
  • Highest possible screening efficiency achieved through unit’s linear motion setup.
  • High capacity with a low energy and floor space footprint.
  • Can be fitted with manufacturer’s ultra-durable urethane screen surfaces.
  • Custom-designed Flo-Divider™ system evenly allocates feed slurry between available screen decks.

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2. HI-G® Dewatering Machine

dryer for wet screen

Derrick HI-G® Dewatering Machine

The Derrick HI-G® Dewatering Machine is designed to maximize fines separation and recovery, and provide drying capabilities to a wet screening and dewatering system. Powered by twin electromechanical 2.5 horsepower Super G® vibratory motors, this unit’s rotary speed (1750 RPM) and stroke length (019 in.) combine to create 7.3 G’s of screen surface acceleration. Water and fine solid separation is conducted efficiently, with component parts designed for maintenance-free operation.

Important highlights include:

  • 4” Uni-body Hydrocyclones arranged in radial design.
  • Deck angle can be hydraulically adjusted.
  • Fitted with manufacturer’s ultra-durable urethane screen surfaces.
  • Designed to minimize noise levels (operational level is approx. 81 dBA).
  • Efficiently removes silt-sized particles (in range of 12-74 microns) from slurry feed.
  • Apex options include modifiable tri-nut and fixed snap-on format.
  • Screen panel tension can be easily modified by adjusting Rapid-Change draw bolts.

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3. HI-Cap™ shaker

high capacity de watering screen

Derrick HI-Cap™ shaker

This high-capacity wet screening and dewatering unit is designed to dewater up to 300 TPH (Tons Per Hour) of primary sand products, delivering high-quality production sands (asphalt, concrete, mason, and others). Each unit houses over 62 square feet of screen surface area, of which nearly half is open area, resulting in an efficient and high-volume dewatering capacity.

Important highlights include:

  • Only 10 horsepower required for operation.
  • Can be fitted with manufacturer’s ultra-durable urethane screen surfaces.
  • A variety of feeding options include: large cyclone underflow, screw classifier unit, or a tank classifier cell feed.

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4. Linear Motion Screens

linear motion screen

Derrick® Linear Motion Screen

Designed for solids recovery, dewatering, and dilute slurries with low quantities of oversize. Derrick® linear motion screens are a versatile addition to a variety of wet screening and dewatering processes. Ideal for compact working spaces, with its low headroom requirements and high screening capacity. Efficiently purifies viscous flurries, removing grit and other small-particle contaminants.

Screen frame can be angled from +10° to -15°, with highest fluid capacity when locked into an uphill position. Unit’s linear motion conveys oversize materials out of the pool efficiently, discharging them into a dewatering process area.

Important highlights include:

  • Screen openings can be set to a variety of widths, from 10mm to 38 microns.
  • Very little headroom required to operate.
  • Urethane screens feature wide-open area; also available with woven wire screens.

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5. Repulp Screen

repulping screen

Derrick® Repulp Wet Sizing Screen

This wet screening and dewatering unit efficiently screens out fines and undersize particles, resulting in clean and consistent oversize material. Spray nozzles are focused upon rubber-lined wash troughs (instead of being focused directly on screen surface), reducing wear and providing evenly distributed fluidization. Vibrating motors feature sealed bearings that are permanently lubricated and require minimal maintenance.

Units feature multiple stages of screening and repulping, resulting in the highest rate of undersize particle removal possible. Repulp screens can be equipped with a split undersize hopper, allowing for a variety of separation sizes and cut points.

Important highlights include:

  • Available in widths from 18-56 in.
  • Available in lengths from 60-168 in.
  • Urethane screens feature wide open area; also available with woven wire screens.

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6. Vacu-Deck Dewatering Screen

Dewatering screen designed to recover the maximum amount of feed solids via a vacuum-powered solution. Initial screens effectively size particles, removing fines while conveying oversize materials forward. The last screen section of Vacu-Deck units draws air through solid content using a low HP blower. This vacuum effect air-dries the remaining solids and minimizes remaining moisture content. Vacu-deck screens are optimized for manufacturer’s polyurethane screen surfaces.

screen with vacuum deck

Derrick® Vacu-Deck Screen

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7. High Shear Screen

high shear wet screen

Derrick® High Shear Screen

High Shear Screen originally developed to effectively process clay slurries. While traditional wet screening and dewatering units feature a low plane of incline (resulting in bridging and blockage issues with platy minerals found in clay), High Shear Screens are set to a 45 degree panel angle. The result is a screening solution that can handle difficult slurries and platy minerals.

Important highlights include:

  • High capacity at 270-400 mesh cut points.
  • Removal of over 99% of grit particles (+325).
  • Optional installation of spray misting nozzles.
  • Multiple feed point configurations are available (single and double).

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8. Belt Scalper

Patented design uses an adjustable conveyor screen belt to convey solid materials without vibration. As loading or pump rate is increased, the unit continues to offer precise control over conveyance speed. Inclined conveyor bed forms a fluid pool at the unit’s lower end, effectively boosting solids recovery from wastewater flow.

Important highlights include:

  • Available in a variety of sizes: 5, 10, 20, and 30 mesh.
  • Two doors on each side, two at back of unit, and two on front cover allow for versatile inspection and maintenance.
  • Belt relies on a counter-rotating brush for self-cleaning without the requirement of added fluids.
  • Bypass is built-in.
belt scalper screen

Derrick® Belt Scalper

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