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Nut Bagging Equipment

nut bagging equipmentChoose from different types of nut bagging equipment that automatically weighs and fills pouches and bags with different types of raw or roasted nuts.  These packaging machines are used for filling bags with many different types of snack nuts including peanuts, almonds, cashews, chestnuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, pecans, pistachios, and walnuts.

Fill small pouches that weigh 0.5 – 5 lbs., large open mouth bags that weigh 10 – 50 lbs., or bulk bags that weigh up to 4,400 lbs.  All nut bagging equipment has an accuracy of +/- 0.5-1% of target weight and can operate at different bagging speeds.

Bag sealers automatically vacuum seal pouches for retail sale in stores, as well as for online sales at stores like Amazon.  Nitrogen gas flush options are also available for sealing pouches or bags filled with nuts.  Larger, 5-50 lb. open mouth bag sealers for wholesale can be sealed on a conveyor using a heat sealer and then palletized using a robotic palletizer.

Financing options are available.

Entry-Level Nut Bagging Equipment: 600-800 fills per hour

Logical Machines S4 Labeled PartsFor smaller retail stores and businesses looking to bag and package raw or roasted nuts into smaller pouches and gusseted bags, we recommend the semi-automatic Logical Machines S-4.  It automatically weighs and fills snack pouches and small bags at speeds around 600-800 fills per hour.  For vacuum sealing and nitrogen flushing packaged nuts, we recommend the entry-level Plexpack Vacpack Vacuum Sealer. For faster filling and sealing speeds, we can also recommend a number of fully automatic nut packaging systems that are small enough to fit at a retail store location.  All options work with free-flowing, raw or roasted, as well as whole or shelled nuts.


emplex 6140 table top band sealer for bags and pouches

Wholesale Nut Bagging Equipment:  Fill 1-24 Large Bags per Minute

pool salt bagging system using model nwb open mouth baggerFor packaging nuts into larger 10-50 lb. bags for wholesale, we recommend using a net weigh bag filler that can fill a variety of open mouth bags.  This machine automatically fills a hopper, while a bag is on the spout and being filled below, thus providing a much faster fill rate.  For an entry-level wholesale nut packaging machine with fill rates of 1-8 bags per minute, we recommend a digital gravity gross weigh filler.

Model 4600 - Pinch Bottom Bag Closer Nut Bagging Equipment

Once the bag is filled, it is placed on a sealing conveyor, where it is moved through a heat sealer, such as a pinch bag sealer.  This type of sealer works with bags containing pre-glued bag flaps or gusseted bags with sizes from 12-20 inches long and up to 56 inches wide.  These type of machines can also print tracking and freshness codes onto the bag as they move through the sealer.

After sealing, the packaged nuts are conveyed to a palletizing station, where a robotic palletizer or operator uniformly stacks them on a pallet for shipping.  From there, the pallets are moved through a pallet stretch wrapper and onto storage or shipping.

palletizing robot stacks up to 12 bags per minute on pallet

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