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High Speed Robotic Palletizers

The high-speed bag palletizer shown in the video below stacks fifty 50 lb. bags of sugar on shipping pallets.

High-Speed Robotic Palletizer Stacks 50 lb. Bags Filled with Sugar

50 lb. open mouth paper bags are filled in a packaging area.  From there, they are transported through a protected opening in a wall, to a decline bag transfer conveyor, and then to a powered 90 degree turning conveyor under a bag flattener that removes some of the air from each bag to make them more uniform for stacking.

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robot palletiserA robot palletiser can automatically stack bags at rates up to 22 bags per minute. The system is also capable of placing empty pallets, as well as slip sheets on to the pallets.  It is ideal for handling multiple packaging lines at the same time and can yield a fast return on investment.  It can be designed around your existing bagging plant layout with our bag filling machines.

Watch a Video of this Robot Palletiser Stacking Bags

Robot Palletiser Stacks Valve Bags & Open Mouth Bags

The robot palletiser has real-time bag input and output monitoring with collision detection.  It also has an instant and automatic lubrication schedule.  It operates quietly and safely, while having the highest cycle rate of any robot worldwide at 1,800 cycles per hour palletising capacity (30 cycles per packages per minute).

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