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Semi-Automatic Pallet Loading System

This semi-automatic pallet loading system quickly loads and stacks filled valve bags and open mouth bags on standard wooden shipping pallets at speeds up to 18 bags per minute.

semi automatic pallet loader for valve bags and open mouth bags

The bag inflow can be added in any direction. The operator platform and auxiliary air table can also be reconfigured. Overall, this low cost option requires very little floor space.

Semi Automatic Pallet Loading System

For a 3,000 pound, 48 inch by 48 inch pallet capacity, the basic system includes:

  • Bag incline flattener conveyor
  • Bag accumulation or bag staging conveyor that includes brake motor and variable speed drive
  • Empty pallet stacker magazine and tine system
  • Empty pallet live roller conveyor
  • Elevator conveyor and pallet jack device
  • Dual stage live roller filled pallet conveyor
  • Operator access area with ladder and safety rails
  • Stainless steel stationary air table
  • Moveable air table with adjustment guides, stainless steel
  • Pneumatic side compression
  • Complete electric and hydraulic system
  • NEMA 12 enclosures and all motor starters
  • Safety switches, alarms, e-stops, cages, and inner locks for entire system
  • Allen Bradley PLC controls
  • Complete epoxy coatings

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