Industrial Drawer Magnets (Drawer-In-Housings)

industrial drawer magnets - drawer-in-housingsIndustrial Drawer Magnets contain one or more rows of magnetic tubes to capture ferrous metal particles. They are used in industries such as chemical, plastics, recycling, aggregate, grain and more. Custom sizes are available for some magnets.

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Quick Overview

As product falls into the Drawer Magnet, it is forced to flow in an alternating back-and-forth pattern over the magnetic tubes. This ensures maximum ferrous metal, or tramp metal, capture since the metallic particles come in direct and repeated contact with the magnetic tubes inside the drawer. All metal collected will have to be removed from the tubes to prevent build up and wash-off back into the product flow.

self-cleaning drawer magnetSelf-Cleaning Drawer Magnet

  • Operator pushes a button to start cleaning process from a remote location
  • Air-actuated stripper device removes particles from the tubes
  • Particles are discharged outside of the housing
  • Standard sizes include 6″x6″ to 24″x24″
  • Custom sizes and transitions for retrofit available upon request

continuous cleaning drawer magnetContinuous-Cleaning Drawer Magnet

  • Ideal for remote magnet locations and applications requiring frequent tube cleanings
  • Patented design does not require product flow to be stopped
  • Automatic air-actuated stripper device removes particles and sends them to a leak-proof enclosure with a discharge chute
  • Clean operation and isolation of possible hazardous materials

ez clean drawer magnetEZ-Clean Drawer Magnet

  • Operator pulls two handles on front of housing which removes the magnet drawer from the product flow
  • As the drawer is pulled out, the collected metallic particles are wiped off of the tubes by a built in seal
  • A catch pan located under the drawer catches the particles for later disposal
  • Drawer is specially designed to be operated with minimal pulling effort

SimpleClean™ Manual Housing

  • Ideal for applications with low amounts of tramp metal contamination
  • Housing consists of 2 or more magnetic tubes
  • Operator manually removes each tube and wipes off collected metal by hand

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