Industrial Suspended Overhead Electromagnets (SEMO)

suspended overhead electromagnetsIndustrial Suspended Overhead Electromagnets are used for over-the-belt and cross belt conveyor applications. They are used in a variety of industries such as recycling, aggregate, power generation, wood chips, tire shredding, pulp & paper, construction & demolition and more.

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Suspended Overhead Electromagnets

  • cross belt separator electromagnets
  • designed for separation of ferrous metal from a variety of over-the-belt or cross belt conveyor applications
  • powerful and deep-reaching magnetic field is ideal for applications that have a deep product burden or require increased magnet suspension heights
  • self-cleaning model
    • removes collected metal from magnet face instantly and discharges it out of product flow
    • allows magnetic circuit to maintain maximum magnetic strength at all times
  • manual-cleaning model
    • for applications with a lower volume of ferrous metal in product flow or where system runs intermittently
    • ability to turn magnet off makes cleaning easy for operator
  • ask about our 10 year warranty / 4 week delivery
electromagnet over aggregate conveyor belt front view electromagnet over aggregate conveyor belt side view industrial suspended overhead electromagnet

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