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Bagging Equipment for Beans

bagging equipment for beansChoose from different types of bagging equipment for beans that automatically weigh and fill small poly bags, as well as 50 pound to 4,000 pound bags with beans.  Automatically fill many types of bags including small poly bags / pouches, poly-woven, multi-walled paper, burlap, and lined / unlined poly-woven bulk bags.  Free-flowing beans could include Navy Beans, Great Northern Beans, White Beans, Cannellini Beans, Kidney Beans, and Pinto Beans.

For vacuum sealing and nitrogen flushing the bags, we recommend the entry-level Plexpack Vacpack Vacuum Sealer. For faster filling and sealing speeds, we can also recommend a number of fully automatic packaging systems that are small enough to fit at a retail store location or warehouse location.  All options work with free-flowing dry beans.

buckhorn probox located above model gwb digital bagging equipment for beansFor filling beans into 5 – 50 pound bags, we recommend using a net weigh bagging machine.  This type of machine automatically fills a supply hopper as a bag is being filled below with beans.  This results in a fill rate of up to 24 bags per minute.  For an entry-level filling machine, we recommend a digital gravity filler that has a fill rate of 1-8 bags per minute.  All packaging machines have an accuracy of +/- 0.5-1% of target weight and can operate at different bagging speeds.  Supply hoppers are also available in a wide range of sizes, including frames that support Buckhorn Pro Boxes.

Once bags have been filled, they are conveyed through a bag sealer machine.  From there, they are sent through a bag flattener and onto a palletizing conveyor, where an operator or a robotic palletizer places the bags on a shipping pallet for stretch wrapping.

For filling bulk bags with beans, we recommend a bulk bag filling station that can fill 5-25 bulk bags per hour.

Financing options are available.

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Entry-Level Bagging Equipment for Large Bags of Beans: 1-8 bags per minute

model gwb digital gravity open mouth bagger


Beans flow by gravity from a supply hopper into the automatic digital scale gross weighing filler.  When a fill cycle is started, the beans flow through the gravity gate and a funnel spout and into the bag.

Fill up to 24 Large Bags with Beans using a Net Weigher

model nwb net weigh filler open mouth bagger


Beans flow by gravity from a supply hopper into the automatic net weigh bagger.  This type of machine pre-weighs the beans before discharging them into the bag below.  When a fill cycle is started, beans are discharged from the weigh hopper, through a funnel spout, and into the bag.


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Fill up to 25 Bulk Bags Per Minute with Beans using a Bulk Bag Filling Station

model 520 bulk bag filling machine with roller conveyor 2

This filling station includes a heavy-duty bulk bag filling machine for semi-automatic filling and weighing of bulk bags containing beans.  The entire filling process can be managed by one operator and can also include an automatic pallet dispenser to eliminate manual pallet handling.  An entry-level bulk bag filler is also available with or without electricity or compressed air requirements.

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Sewing Bags Filled with Beans:  4 – 20 bags per minute

Model 400 PRO Bag Sewing Machine


Once the bag is filled, it is placed on a sewing conveyor, where it is moved through a bag sewer.  Fixed bag sewing machines close at rates up to 20 bags per minute.

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Automatically Palletize up to 24 Bags per Minute using a Robotic Palletizer

fanuc bag palletizing robot

After sewing, the packaged beans are conveyed through a bag flattener to a palletizing station, where a robotic palletizer or operator uniformly stacks the bags of beans onto a pallet for shipping or storage.

automatic pallet wrapping machine

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