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Dried Mealworms Weigh Filling Machine for Bags, Pouches, Boxes

filling bags pouches boxes with dried meal worms

This dried mealworms bagging machine can fill bags, pouches, and boxes up to 10 lbs. in weight with dry, free-flowing mealworms, natural black soldier fly larvae, grubs, and other free-flowing products.

This type of non-GMO, high-protein feed is used for feeding chickens, wild birds, ducks, hens, fish, turtles, hedgehogs, hamsters, reptiles, and more.

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weigh filling machine fills bags pouches boxes with dried mealwormsHow to Package Dried Mealworms using this Weigh Filling Machine

The S4 small bag filling machine has one of the simplest and easiest set-ups of any automatic weigh filler.  It allows you to quickly change the different target fill weight sizes with the press of a couple buttons.

1. Dried mealworms are loaded into the hopper located at the top of the machine. The hopper shown in the pictures has a 3.5 cubic foot capacity, or about 5 five-gallon buckets.

2. Next, the operator places an empty bag, pouch, or box on the fill spout.

placing an empty bag on spout of weigh filling machine

3. The first fill cycle is started by depressing the foot pedal. At this point, the machine and controller switches into “learn mode” for the first cycle. The controller tests the flow characteristics of the dried mealworms and decides the best speeds and duration for the vibration of the feeder.

dried mealworms being fed into weigh hopper

4. The machine’s controller will start a bulk or fast flow of the dried mealworms from the hopper, through the vibrating feeder, and into the weigh hopper. Once the target set weight nears completion, the controller will automatically switch to a dribble or slow flow of the mealworms into the weigh hopper. Once the set target weight has been reached, the feeder stops, and the weigh hopper releases the mealworms into the bag, pouch, or box located below.

dried mealworms black soldier fly larvae flowing into box

5. Each fill after the first cycle is now weigh filled automatically with the set weight of dried mealworms by placing it under the spout and depressing the foot pedal.

6. After filling, the operator can send the filled bag or pouch through a band heat sealer to lock in freshness, print date codes, trim bag tops, and more.

Logical Machines S4 Labeled Parts

Machine Features

  • Arrives fully assembled so you can start bagging mealworms almost immediately
  • Self-adjusting or smart controller with automatic tare adjustment
  • Fill weight indicator displays down to 1 gram (0.001 pound)
  • Fill bags up to 10 pound bags precisely with on-the-fly, self-adjusting bulk, and dribble feed rates. This machine can also fill pouches and rigid containers.
  • Supply hopper can hold up to 3.5 cubic feet of dried mealworms, black soldier fly larvae, or grubs (different size hoppers are available)
  • 304 stainless steel for all product contact surfaces
  • Includes standard powder coated chassis with locking roller casters. The standard model is 67 inches high and takes up approximately 4.6 square feet (23 inch x 30 inch) of floor space.  An optional stainless steel chassis is available.
  • Electrical requirements: 120V 60Hz (240V 50Hz option is available)
  • Air requirements: <0.25 CFM air supply at 30PSI

Also available in a tabletop version!

Logical Machines S4 Tabletop

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